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What People Say About Ana

The first step in having a successful global business growth is realizing we could never do what we do without an incredible teamwork and client's trust. After all, itโ€™s not the quality of the work or product that sets us apart, itโ€™s the quality of the people.

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Great Words from GlobalSign's Team

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Christian Simko.jpg

Christian Simko - Product and Solutions Marketing at Onapsis

I had the pleasure of hiring Ana Lucia as Channel Marketing Manager for Latin America as she joined our marketing team and reported directly to me. Ana was one of the best hires I made in my tenure at GlobalSign as Vice President of Marketing. She was one of the hardest workers and sharpest minds on the team, always trying to do what was best for the company and to push the company forward in a market that GlobalSign saw as a strategic opportunity. Additionally, her knowledge of the Latin America market country-by-country was a huge asset as well as her trilingual (English, Spanish and Portuguese) fluency. What stood about Ana during the recruitment stages for her role, was that she had built a very successful Partner Program in Latin America for her previous company, which then became the companyโ€™s Global Partner Program. She has a great balance of sales, marketing and business development experience associated with strong leadership skills and knows the strategy and tactics needed to build a program from the ground up. With the challenge of a small marketing budget at GlobalSign to drive awareness, her social media savvy and partner enablement skillsets compensated for the budget challenge and immediately started getting more leads and interest not only in the Latin America territory but for United States, Canada and Europe territories as well. Ana is the type of person who continues to drive forward even when faced with any type of challenges that come her way. Prior to Ana joining GlobalSign, the company had a disjointed go-to-market strategy for Latin America and the marketing effort was limited at best. In addition to building a channel strategy, there was also a need to make significant updates to the localized websites and sales enable tools that support the Latin America territory. Thanks to her hard work and effort, the improvements she made brought more people to the website, created more leads and enables the sales team to pivot to a channel strategy. Ana is a success-driven professional, who is dedicated to making a positive impact in her role. Because of this mindset of hers, I would hire her again without hesitation. Ana would be a great asset to any team that is looking to build or strengthen their channel program.

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What TeamViewer's gurus say about Ana 

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Zack Schwartz.jpg

Zack Schwartz

Enterprise Account Manager at TeamViewer

A powerhouse of talent and drive.

Although we were involved in different product teams at TeamViewer, we worked right near each other and Ana was always offering insights and a helping hand where she saw one was needed - sharing key marketing and prospecting techniques that were working with her clients.

Ana's breadth of knowledge and experience in this field will be invaluable to any org.

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What Global Professionals Say About Ana

โ€œYou can have the best strategy and the best building in the world, but if you donโ€™t have the hearts and minds of the people who work with you, none of it comes to life.โ€ โ€“ Renee West

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Barbara Mendes

Independent Translator and Interpreter - Portugal

Ana Lucia is an excellent PM.

She sets high standards for the quality of the translations and is great at giving and receiving feedback. She is a very dedicated professional, always available and willing to help, coach and share her knowledge and experience.

I would be very happy to work with her again.

What People Say: Team
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